All glory to the Divine Master and Lord Gauranga
Nama Om Vishnupadaya Krishnapresthaya Bhutale
Srimate Puri Goswami Bhakti Vaibhava Namine
Gaurabani Pracharaya Dridha Sankalpa Murtaye
Krishna Shakti Swarupaya Sri Bhakti Pradaine Namah
Great souls say- It is heard from sastras that the living entities are
liberated from this material world simply by singing the glories and
pastimes of Vaishnavas. 
We discuss about the Life History of ideal persons who dedicated
themselves to the cause of self realisation and for the benefit of mankind
at large. So many Karmis, Jnanis and Yogis had given many pieces of
advice through their conduct while preaching according to the interest of
the people. They are not beneficial for the liberation of one's soul even
though one gets benefit of one's body and mind by following their
precepts through daily discussions. We may be benefited for the
upliftment of our souls if we develop a taste for discussing the conduct
and teachings of the Sadhus and great devotees of the Lord through their
Life Histories. There is no other way than this for the benefit of one's soul.
It is easy to get facilities for the enjoyment of one's body and mind in
every state and in every birth. But the benefit of realisation one's self
could be attained only in this human life. So great personalities coming to
this world give us precepts through their personal conduct and rigorous
practice. Teaching for our benefit and their Teachings are flourished
through our self-conduct and adherence to the principles laid. So if we
follow their precepts through our lives then certainly it will be beneficial for
our souls. So the well-wishers of their self-souls progress in their
devotional path by studying and understanding the Life Histories of
Spiritual Masters and Vaishnavas. 
The Lord Vishnu appears in this world on His own accord, when there
is flourishment of irreligions and disgrace to the religion, in order to
establish Bhagavata Dharma and to protect his devotes. Spiritual masters
of the Vaishnava cult, either with the for permission of the Lord or on their
own accord, appear in this world which is the abode of the Lord to re-establish religion by eradicating the disgracement to the Religion and to
make the Truth Seekers drink the nectar of the loving devotional service of
the Lord. When the atheists being offensive have lost their mental power
and try to destroy the real truth as preached by the Lord Himself, the Lord
makes His devotees appear in this world as His representatives to reestablish His doctrine. 
It may be right in the beginning to worship the Lord alone as a
neophyte devotee does so in a natural way leaving the worship of the
great devotees of the Lord and Sadhus. But the Lord's devotees and the
spiritual masters come to this world in order to bestow the living entities
the joy of service to the Lord. 
In this way the devotees come to this world from time to time in
order to preach the Lord's doctrine and redeem the fallen souls from the
dark well of material existence. Among those devotees, Sri Srimad B.V.
Puri Goswami, the Founder President and Acharya of Sri Krishna Chaitanya
Mission, is one of the great disciples of the world spiritual master 108 Sri
Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Prabhupada. He always
engages himself in the services of Sri Varsabhanavi devi as if he is Her
'Shakti shakti matoyavedah'. The Lord's potency is the source of all
the energies and the Omnipotent Lord is a non-different. It is said in the
scriptures that energy is non-different from the Omnipotent Lord. The Lord
is the source of potency in reality and the spiritual master being sent by
the Lord is like the potency of the Lord. The Omnipotent Lord under the
influence of His Para Shakti manifests his Wonderful lilas in this World. The
Omnipotent Lord manifests His wonderful lilas through Sri Vyasadeva and
other spiritual masters in line of disciplic succession. A spiritual master is
well versed with all the scriptures. He churns all the scriptures to find the
butter as the Lord's devotion and he declares to the living entities
ascertaining their duties as the devotional service of the Lord with
It is offensive to consider a spiritual master or a sadhu to belong to a
particular caste by his birth, as it is offensive to consider the Lord to be a
Boar seeing His Boar form or to consider Hanuman who is in a monkey
form to belong to a Monkey family. 

The Spiritual master Srimad B. V. Puri Goswami Maharaja appeared
on this material plane on 5th day of the waning period of the Moon ofMagha in 1913, in the house of his grandfather, in the village Fulta, which
is just 5 km away from Berhampur in Ganjam District of Orissa State in
India, Bharata Varsha, the most sacred place in the world. His mother's
name is Srimati Devi and his father's name is Sri Damodara. They had four
sons and Srila B.V. Puri Maharaj is the second son having no sisters. The
parents named our Maharaj on an auspicious day as Nrisimha. His father
came with his family from the village Tulasi near Ichhapur to the village
Kutharsingi in Ganjam District.

Srila Maharaj received his primary education from a teacher at
Kutharsingi. After that he received his higher education in a high school at
Surangi near Ichhapur which is few kilometres away from his village. At
the encouragement of his elder brother he joined in Khallikote College,
Berhampur for higher education and received his B.A. degree. Srila
Maharaj was beneficial, noble, truthful and unenvious from his student
career, so Mahatma Gandhi's principle of truth and non-violence as well as
the 1930's Civil Disobedience Movement had great impact on him. He
became the president of the district freedom fighters association and he
was a great freedom fighter himself 

Gradually he developed interest in Ayurveda and decided to learn it.
He successfully completed his study about Ayurveda from the renowned
Kaviraja Sripad Madhusudan Sharma who took initiation with his wife from
Srila Prabhupada and after finishing Ayurvedic learning Srila Maharaj daily
discussed Srimad Bhagavata and Goswamis' scriptures after the class and
was encouraged by the teacher. In the meanwhile he also used to discuss
with Sharma about the magazine 'The Gaudiya' and the news paper ' Daily
Nadia prakash '. In this way some days passed and at the encouragement
of Sripad Sharma he received his initiation from the world spiritual master
Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada, on 3rd August,
1936, the advent day of Balarama in presence of Sripada Madhusudan
Dasadhikari at Sridham Mayapur. After returning from that place by the
encouragement of Sripada Sharma he opened an Ayurvedic charitable
hospital at Bhanjanagar. After earning a good experience in the line of
Ayurvedic treatment he came to be known as Sri Nrisimha Kaviraj. He was
well versed with the scriptures of the Vaishnavas as well as Ayurvedic
literature. Exactly at that time the staunch followers of Srila Prabhupada
who were sannyasis or Brahmacharies came to Ganjam District for
preaching the doctrine of Mahaprabhu and stayed at Bhanjanagar. Thedisciples of Srila Prabhupada advised Srila Maharaj to live with them in a
math, seeing his wonderful zeal in preaching the Lord's doctrine and his
self interest in reading scriptures. 

After some days a telegram was received by Sripad Madhusudan
prabhu and it stated the disappearance of Srila Prabhupada on 1st January
1937. Srila Maharaj attended with Sripad Sharma in that commemoration
ceremony. In this way he practised his doctorship and left his house for
Mayapur on 25th June, 1937. 

He received Diksha from Srila Ananta Vasudeva Para Vidyabhusan
Prabhu as per the advice of the senior most Sannyasis but later on left him
for unavoidable circumstances. 

One day Srila Maharaj met with Srila Bhakti Rupa Vilas Maharaj at
the Srivas corridor at Mayapur. He finished his study in Sanskrit up to
Bhagavata Acharya while staying at Mayapur. Bhakti Rupa Vilas Maharaj
requested Puri Maharaj to stay with him in the Ashram. Puri Maharaj used
to write articles for the monthly magazine 'The Gaudiya' staying there.
Seeing his high standard articles Srila Bhakti Rupa Vilas Maharaj asked
Puri Maharaj to write staying with him. But another envious person
became furious at this. In the year 1937 Lord Krishna provided a
munificent opportunity to Puri Maharaj by sending him to Sri Raya
Ramananda Gaudiya Math at Kovvur in Andhra Pradesh as the chief of that
monastery, by the secretary of the Gaudiya Math Sripad Bhakti Sudhakar
Prabhu. He proved his administrative capabilities by managing the
Gaudiya Math at Madras (Chennai) while he successfully managed the
functions of the Kovvur Math as well. 
During those days he was affectionately addressed as
Nrisimhananda Prabhu by one and all. He used to go for alms to the
nearby villages. He used to keep and maintain all the accounts of the Math
always of today. As alms he was getting rice, dhal and sugar candy for thedeities. Srila Maharaj has great reverence for Srila Raya Ramananda. So
he reconstructed the temple, corridor of the temple, and constructed a
house for sadhus and a big hall for taking prasad a part from collecting
money for the cooking utensils by his personal attempt. After finishing all
these constructions he invited all the Gaudiya sannyasis and Brahmacharis
for the installation ceremony. All the invitees participated enthusiastically
in the ceremony and involved themselves in the 7 days' congregational
religious meetings, which was a grand success. Even though every one is
praising Srila Maharaj, Maharaj is double-cautious to see that, knowingly or
unknowingly, no vaishnava aparadha is committed at any level. At the end
of the ceremony Srila Maharaj pleased all the Sadhus, Sannyasis and
Brahmacharis by paying due respects to all of them and saw that they are
honoured with new cloths etc., apart from money and articles enabling
them to serve the Lord better. While doing all these works as a Lord's
dedicated worker, he remained peaceful and simple thinking about the
Trinadapi sunichena Verse from Sri Sikshastaka, the eight fundamental
Regulations enunciated by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 
It was in 1942 that in order to instil discipline among the inhabitants
of the math and to fix responsibility and caution in rendering the
devotional service to the Lord, Puri Maharaj left for Mayapur making them
to take charge of the Math. Before he reached Mayapur he went to
Kharagpur and then proceeded to Midnapore. At that time the installation
ceremony of the Ashram was going on at Midnapore. A great many sadhus
like Srila Keshava Goswami Maharaj, and Srila Sridhara Goswami Maharaj
had come to that place. Maharaj gave him all sorts of assistance for this
ceremony. On account of Maharaj's extraordinary qualities several
sannyasi devotees of Srila Prabhupada wanted to give Maharaj the fourth
order of sannyasa. But Maharaj wanted to remain impartial towards them
and to keep good companionship with all of them. He invited the grace of
the Lord to rescue him at this delicate juncture. Even though he used to
give assistance according to his capacity to all, he had great love for Srila
Sridhar Maharaj and so he used to help him in all kinds of devotional
services, Srila Sridhar Maharaj had no servitors with him. Therefore Srila
Maharaj brought his followers to engage them for the Lord's service. 
As per the request of Srila Sridhar Maharaj, he remained with him in
his Ashram with Sripad Ananda Lilamaya Prabhu. Ananda Lilamaya Prabhu
used to cook there for the Lord and Srila Maharaj used to worship the Lord.
Ten full time devotees gathered there at the encouragement of Srila
Maharaj. It was the month of Vaishakha, Srila Maharaj arranged to read
Bhagavata at Nadanghata in the house of a Landlord Sripad Panchu Singh.
He gave his discourses on Bhagavata for one month and the people of that
place were very much pleased. The next year he was engaged in reading
Bhagavata for seven days. After the discourses, kirtan was performed. 

Srila Maharaj used to go to the banks of Jahnavi during his five years'
stay at Mayapur. There he used to meet the crest Jewel of Paramahamsa's,
Sri Srimad Vamsidas Babaji Maharaj. But Srila Babaji Maharaj did not talk
with any one, he only used to show his pipe. The disciple of Srila Babaji
Maharaj used to offer coffee to Srila Maharaj because Babaji Maharaj used
to drink coffee. He used to make notch-potch. Sometimes that was also
available to Maharaj. Srila Babaji Maharaj was a Maha Bhagavata. He had
earned success in parental love for Gaura Nitai. His main peculiarity was
that he remained always in trance position. He incessantly used to talk
with his worshipping deities. Sometimes he laughed by playing jokes with
the deities, sometimes he cried and at other times he cried bitterly calling
"Oh Hari" who is affectionate for his devotees," O life of my soul Hari", "O
Gopal", "O the son of Nanda" etc. In this way he used to call the Lord in His
different names. A great deal of people visited him on the banks of the
Ganga, but he did not talk with any one and used to talk only with his
worshipping deities in a parental loving manner. Though he was very old,
he cooked himself for the deities. Sometimes he was under such a trance
that he forgot for the service of the deities and even to eat for himself for
days together. lt was his significance. 
Foot prints of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu were established by Puri
Maharaj in a quick span in the old and ancient temple of Sri Radha Madan
Mohan in Northa District. That was the first service to Srila Rupa Goswami.
Maharaj had intimate association with Srila Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhar
Maharaj and Bhakti Vijaya Prabhu. 

In 1947 a Grand celebrations were organised for seven days at
Brahmapur Town Hall, on occasion of the 10th commemoration ceremony
of Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada. And for that
occasion Srila Vaikhanas Maharaj, Srila Nityananda Prabhu and Srila
Maharaj had tried their level best with all their full energies. Srila Maharaj
did every thing, accompanied by Srila Vaikhanas Maharaj. The donation of
Sri Balaji Sahu, the proprietor of 'Ganjam Amala' was very significant.
Different sadhus from different pilgrimages attended that meeting held at
Brahmapur Town Hall and delivered their discourses. For their boarding
some rooms of Khallikote College and Hostel were spared with the help of
the then principal of the college. People from nearby villages poured into
that meeting to hear the discourses. On every evening Srila Maharaj with
more than 300 devotees was going in a procession starting from Balaji
Pentha street up to Town Hall with big banners and flags. The importantSadhus who were present in that great religious meeting were the
sannyasi disciples of Srila Prabhupada, like Srila Srauti Maharaj, Santha
Maharaj, Jayavara Maharaj and Brahmacharis. . 

When Maharaj used to stay at Mayapur he attended the classes on
Bhagavata of Srila Bhakti Pradipa Tirtha Maharaj. Srila Tirtha Maharaj
loved him very much. He became the monitor of that Bhagavata class. He
could give correct answers of all sorts of questions on Bhagavata. Maharaj
at that time used to take Bhagavata classes at the direction of Srila Tirtha
Maharaj and Srila Tirtha Maharaj used to sit along side with him. In this
way Srila Maharaj got his recognition as a Bhagavata Acharya at Mayapur.
Still now Srila Maharaj gives the correct annotation of any verse from
Bhagavata at his present advanced as of 85 years. Maharaj has
remembered most of the verses of Srimad Bhagavata. He usually takes
water or any food after reading Srimad Bhagavata. 

At that time the things were settled between the Gaudiya Maths and
Kunjada received some maths. After that Maharaj again became the chief
of the previous two maths situated at Kovvur and Madras (Chennai). 

Once he went on a pilgrimage to the south with Srila Nityananda
Prabhu giving the charge of the math to Purushottam Brahmachari.
Maharaj never allowed indiscipline in the devotional service to the Lord.
One Sannyasi took charge of the math from Sripad Purushottam Prabhu.
Srila Maharaj saw this incident to his utter displeasure after returning from
his pilgrimage and mentally decided to leave the Math. He left the math
with Srila Janardana Maharaj, Srila Nityananda Prabhu, Srila Ananda
Prabhu and Srila Ramamohan Prabhu. At that time the followers of the
math who were renounciates or house-holders requested him, "This is your
place, you stay here". Though they requested Srila Maharaj to stay there,he did not stay with them and told, "I have not come to establish any
math, building, etc. If Sriman Mahaprabhu wants that I should preach His
doctrine, then I can establish 10 to 15 maths. Why should I stay here?"
Leaving that place he took shelter in the house of a Fortunate devotee
named Garpati Subamma at her humble request. He used to go for alms
and remained in her house. He cooked himself the alms and offered to the
Lord. He alone continued his preaching activity and achieved the task. 

The aged sannyasis who were loving him wanted to make him their
sannyasi disciple seeing Maharaja's great devotion, service to Vaishnavas,
and his thoroughness in scriptures. He consulted with Srila Vaikhanas
Maharaj about taking sannyasa and at last on 7th February, 1966 he took
sannyasa in Mayapur at Sriman Mahaprabhu's birth place according to the
scriptural injunctions, from Srila Bhakti Svarupa Giri Maharaj in presence of
his Vaishnava circle. After this he came to Srila Keshava Maharaj with Srila
Giri Maharaj. Srila Keshava Maharaj became angry upon Srila Giri Maharaj
and said, "Why did you give sannyasa to him? He is ours." But Srila Giri
Maharaj in order to avoid this told, "I am your servitor." Everyone wanted
to make Maharaj his own disciple. The main reason behind it was that
Maharaj was apt in management of maths and he was well versed in
Bhagavata. Everyone wanted to give him the charge of their maths. 

After so much effort Srila Maharaj wanted to stand up himself and to
manage an Ashram. He formed one registered board named 'Sri Krishna
Chaitanya Ashram' in Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh in June, 1966. He
became the president of that registered board. A Retd. Police officer was
the cashier of the registered board and the secretary was a local devotee
named Satyanarayan Murty (A Retd. Chemistry Lecturer). After some
years some maths were established. 

MISSION In 1983 he formed a new registered board at Itota in Sridhama PURI
making Sri Chaitanya Chandra Ashram the centre place of the Mission and
Srila Purushottam Tirtha Maharaj became the Secretary of that registered
body. From that time onwards this body is functioning and the number of
maths under the mission rose to 18. (list of addresses even at the end of
this book.) 
On the one hand Srila Maharaj is devoid of lust and thinks himself to
be an ordinary devotee and on the other hand he was a noble worker of
the Congress and is beneficial to all. He is a lover of truth and nonviolence. Once Srila Maharaj was returning from Mayapur after finishing
the advent ceremony of Sriman Mahaprabhu, Srila Jayavar Maharaj came
from the Ashram of Srila Sridhar Maharaj and met him at Howrah railway
station. He asked Maharaj to accept the charge of the math. Maharaj
refused to accept anything. He tells to his disciples, "You get together for
one purpose, that is the service of the Lord and try to preach the doctrine
of Mahaprabhu after me. You keep good relations with yourselves and stay
in the Ashram." 

Srila Maharaj has never tasted any kind of intoxicants and he can not
tolerate any one using them. He comments against the intoxicants telling
that these are the disciples of this iron age. Once a Brahmin came to the
Ashram at Rajahmundry. He took his dinner and asked some money for
taking betel. Maharaj became furious and scolded him. That Brahmin also
became furious and cursed him saying, "You cut the root after allowing
one to climb a tree." Maharaj gave scriptural evidences in support of his
comment. After that the Brahmin understood his fault and left that place.
So Maharaj tells during his discourses every human being should try to
rectify his personal fault. 

Maharaj can not tolerate denouncing Guru-Vaishnavas or doing
anything against scriptural injunctions. Even in the meeting if one tells
something sounding so, he asks him to stop his discourse or if there is
chance he rules it out by quoting scriptural verses. Once a conference of
sadhus was organised at Bhakti Vinod Ashram in Brahmapur. One scholar
described that a farmer's utterance of the name of Hari only once before
going to bed is greater than the incessant chanting of Narada. Hearing this
Maharaj stopped him to say any more. The reason behind it is that the
incessant chanter Narada, Who is a stalwart devotee, is incomparable to afarmer who is a mere Karmi. This goes against Mahaprabhu's doctrine. He
says chant always Hari. In this way Srila Maharaj establishes any matter
which goes against scriptural injunctions with strong arguments basing on

The founder Acharya of ISKCON, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Svami
Maharaj was an intimate friend of Srila Maharaj. He liked Maharaj very
much among all the sannyasis of Gaudiya maths. .The Vaishnavas of all
other Gaudiya Maths were disliking Swami Maharaj. Srila Maharaj liked him
very much and that's why he was invited by Srila Swami Maharaj while
installing new temples or conducting religious meetings. Srila Maharaj
accepting his invitation used to attend the ceremonies arranged by Srila
Swami Maharaj. Srila Maharaj went around the streets of the town
Visakhapatnam with Srila Swami Maharaj and he arranged prasad and
boarding for all the foreign devotees who came with Srila Swami Maharaj.
Especially he helped them in preaching Mahaprabhu's doctrine and being
pleased in his service Srila Swami Maharaj loved him very affectionately.
Before the disappearance of Srila Swami Maharaj he called his disciples
and told them, "You take advice of Srila Sridhar Maharaj or my most dear
friend Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaj on any matter
regarding scriptural injunctions or temples." At the last time of his
disappearance Srila Swami Maharaj wanted the presence of Srila Puri
Maharaj at Sridham Vrindavan. 
In 1971 Srila Maharaj invited Svami Maharaj to inaugurate a new
temple at Rajahmundry on the banks of Godavari. In 1973 A.C. Bhakti
Vedanta Svami Maharaj visited our Visakhapatnam Ashram with 15 senior
disciples and stayed for about 20 days. They discussed lots of issues in
Practice of Bhakti and its preaching. 
Srila B.V. Puri Maharaj went to Mayapur to lay foundation to the
present Chandrodaya Temple of ISKCON. Thus a thick friendship was
established between them. 
The aged and most experienced sannyasis and Brahmacharies of
other Gaudiya Maths were also attending with Srila Maharaj while
installing new temples or constructing buildings for sadhus. They also were
making success to the religious meetings following the words of their
spiritual master. Now also the justified disciples of Srila Swami Maharaj
request Srila Maharaj for attending the installation ceremonies and joining
in the religious meetings. 

Maharaj used to say at universal conference of sadhus, "should
Vaishnavas go ahead of a procession with loud chanting." The aim of such
advice was to attract persons to the procession and to make them realise
the effect of kirtan, so that the people of that place would come to the
meeting place for hearing the discourses delivered by pure devotees and
to benefit themselves. He always wants to fulfil the desires of Guru and
Gauranga. It is also his aim to encourage persons to follow good conduct
leaving bad conduct of this iron age and to serve the Lord by remaining
away from quarrelling themselves. 

Srila Maharaj liked the songs written by Narottama Thakur. The
songs which are loved by Maharaj, written by Narottama Thakur are, "Gora
Panhu na Vajiya mainu" and Narottama Dasa "kene nagela mariya". He
says that the songs written by Lochana Dasa are good but advisory.
Similarly the songs written by Bhaktivinode Thakur are systematic but
those are only his feelings. The songs of Narottama Dasa Thakur have
great impact on the neophytes. "The Prema Bhakti Chandrika" of Srila
Narottama Thakur is the best of all his songs. He tells about the preaching
in West Bengal. Srila Jayavar Maharaj had a good voice and he was also a
good singer. While Srila Keshava Maharaj was doing kirtan Srila Maharaj
rhythmically used to repeat the same song. At the time of preaching he
used to sing with other sannyasis. 

Srila Maharaj has observed the conduct and behaviour of great
Vaishnavas staying with them. So he says it is very difficult to get the
Lord's feet by any one who has not stayed with great personalities or pure
devotees of the Lord. 

Srila Maharaj comes into trance with full of tears in his eyes while
narrating the pastimes of Gauranga or commenting on the verses ofSrimad Bhagavata. He is very sentimental. He does with utmost care the
service to Tulasi, circumambulating the temple of the Lord, worshipping
the deities or singing the names of the Lord. These are his daily routine
work and ideal principles. He daily discusses in his friends' circle and with
his disciples 'Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita', 'Srimad Bhagavata', scriptures of
Gaudiya philosophy, etc. He being accompanied by his disciples always
teaches how to serve the Lord. Every day in the morning he with his
disciples reads Srimad Bhagavata, Srimad Bhagavat Gita, Brahma
Samhita, Stotra Ratna and sometimes does it by the help of his disciples.
He becomes furious if any disciple does not sit for kirtan and he points out
the errors of his disciples through his lecture with strong words in order to
rectify them. His main teaching is that if one wants to take shelter under
one's spiritual master's feet then he should have perseverance to accept
his spiritual master's ruling. Tolerance is one of the good qualities of an
Ashram dweller. It is not possible on one's part to develop without

Srila Maharaj had great friendship with Srila Nityananda Prabhu, Srila
Tirtha Maharaj, Srila Ananda Prabhu and Srila Janardana Maharaj. He used
to send some money to Ananda Prabhu in every month while he was in
Vrindavan. He also helped Srila Nityananda Prabhu in his difficulties and
he also used to send money and paper to Nityananda Prabhu for printing
books. He comes to Brahmapur at the time of the commemoration day of
Srila Prabhupada and at some other times. Sometimes two friends talked
with each other in a friendly way. He was loving very much to Srila Tirtha
Maharaj thinking that he would look after him the developmental work of
the Ashrams but he had lost almost all his true friends. So Srila Maharaj is
in deep sorrow due to the separation of Vaishnavas. He is now staying in
this world to give chance to the fallen souls for their upliftment by the
God's will and doing the work of installing Ashramas and publishing
scriptures on Vaishnava philosophy besides guides the temple in charges
in execution of their daily devotional work effectively. 

By the desire of his friends' circle he wanted to establish a math in
Vrindavan. His spiritual master, who had given him sannyasa, Srila Giri
Maharaj, had a math at Vrindavana and Srila Maharaj was the only discipleof Srila Giri Maharaj. So Srila Giri Maharaj wanted to make him his
successor and handover his math at Vrindavan. But at God's will Srila Giri
Maharaj fell ill and while he was in the hospital the disciples of Srila
Madhava Maharaj were looking after him. Still then he wanted to handover
his math to Srila Puri Maharaj. Hearing this one of the householders told to
Giri Maharaj, "Srila Puri Maharaj is not here. He is in Andhra Pradesh. So
please handover your math to Srila Madhava Maharaj." So Srila Giri
Maharaj handed over it to Srila Madhava Maharaj. 

Now as per the causeless mercy of Sri Vrisabhanunandini Srimati
Radharani, he has a temple near Her place of sporting called Sevakunja in
Vrindavan. He says his disciples, "We have come to this place for serving
the Lord but not to receive service from the Vrajavasis." So he denies to
ask alms from the inhabitants of Vrindavan Dhama. At the request of his
disciples and some householders he has accepted some foreign disciples
and he has now established a math at Sridham Mayapur, the advent place
of Sriman Mahaprabhu. Though Srila Maharaj was driven out indirectly
from the Raya Ramananda Gaudiya Math at Kovvur in Andhra Pradesh, he
has constructed many maths, by the will of Mahaprabhu, on the donated
lands as per the request of the local people. Now he has 18 maths, some
charitable hospitals and libraries. Still then he has formidable promise to
preach and distribute the doctrine of Sriman Mahaprabhu. 

He has published many books on Vaishnava philosophy in different
languages like Telugu, Oriya, Hindi and English in order to supply books on
unalloyed devotion to the public. After the demise of Srila Nityananda
Prabhu he established a book trust named "Sri Bhakti Bigyana Nityananda
Book Trust" in the name of Srila Nityananda Prabhu on 28th July, 1988. As
the president of the trust he advises the trust at different times to publish
different books. These books are printed with the help of a printing
machine which was established by Srila Nityananda Prabhu and Srila
Maharaj. The printed books are sent to different maths of this mission for
the benefit of the devotees. Now he is the chief editor of the monthly
magazine "The Siddhanta" which was published under the able guidance
of Srila Nityananda Prabhu before his disappearance.

He has high ambition to fulfil the will of his spiritual master, Srila
Prabhupada by publishing books from the printing press which is called
"Brihat Mridanga." Now he desires to publish Srimad Bhagavata which was
written by Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Veda Vyasa but it has not been done. It
may be fulfilled if Lord so desires. He spends money in printing books. He
is always very particular for the get up of the books, errorless printing and
low cost of the books. He thinks that people should be able to buy books at
low cost so that they can read them and get benefit out of them. He gives
strong instructions to the charge holders of various maths to pay the cost
of the books sent to them. He wants that small booklets should be
published on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, the life histories of great
souls, the life histories of Associates of Sriman Mahaprabhu, the
philosophy of Sriman Mahaprabhu, the main theme of Srimad Bhagavatam
and the teachings of Sri Krishna in Gita. 

Srila Maharaj is affectionate to his disciples. He is eager to dispel the
doubts of his disciples. He asks his disciples how do they chant, what do
they feel and so on? He never tries to disrespect others. He also does not
tolerate any kind of disrespect to others. He tells his disciples that who
does not chant even residing in maths, his life is spoiled due to the
misutilisation of a golden opportunity given by the Lord. One's song or
kirtan should be impressive as per his advice. He always says that prayers
should make oneself to feel as insignificant as a blade of grass. He does
not like to sing like a tape-recorder without proper feeling. He praises one
seeing one's serving attitude and encourages him to do so. He does not
tolerate any one's negligence in performing his service to the Lord and he
scolds him. 

Srila Maharaj has a great power in delivering speech without a pause
in Oriya, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali and English languages. The listeners are
wonderstruck by hearing his speech. Though Maharaj has strong faith on
Sri Radha Krishna, he has also strong devotion for Nrisimhanatha. He has
success over Nrisimha mantra and so he advises to mutter Nrisimhamantra while one is under illness. Maharaj knows Nrisimhadeva eradicates
all the difficulties in the path of devotion and He also eradicates all other
sorts of difficulties, while bestowing the things that are beneficial to one's

He went on tour for two months to the Western countries like Italy
and Spain on 5th May, 1997 as per the request of the foreign devotees
and delivered devotional discourses on unalloyed devotion in the religious
meetings arranged in Schools, Colleges, Universities and public places.
The devotees of those places were very much pleased by his speech. Now
he has been donated a large plot for establishing a centre in the foreign
country to distribute unalloyed devotion as preached by Sriman
It should be remembered that the will of God is mighty. Srimati
Radharani has kept Her associates to spread serving attitude to the Lord
among the fallen souls for their liberation. 

Now Maharaj has arranged to learn Sanskrit by his disciples at
Sridham Vrindavan so that after him they would engage themselves in
preaching the unalloyed devotion of Lord Gauranga. It is his will that these
devotees should be well versed in scriptures and scriptural conclusions, so
that they can redeem the fallen souls after his disappearance. He has
great desire in preaching. He wants a vehicle to go round the villages of
Orissa in order to preach the devotional path. He says quoting from
Prabhupada's words, "One should preach till he breathes his last." The
preacher controls himself while preaching, he follows the real path and he
can engage others to follow the path of reality. He is not in support of
preaching without good behaviour. So he advises his disciples to have
good conduct. He has collected the conduct rules and has published a
book named "Sankhipta Sadachara". 

It is not possible to glorify the Vaishnavas whose mercy can liberate
the people of the world. Even the demigods are unable to glorify the
Vaishnavas. So the little we glorify them is a mark of our inability. The life
history of our spiritual master is very deep and inexpressive. It is
impossible on our part to touch it as we are foolish and ignorant. As we are
much delighted to discuss his life history we tried to publish it in a nutshell. 

Let Srila Maharaj live long for more years to preach the doctrine of
the Lord, publish books, establish temples, install deities, etc. Nowadays
we see Vaishnavas leave this world one by one and the world is felt to be
empty of Vaishnavas. So the presence of Srila Maharaj will certainly give
encouragement, inspiration and provocation to Vaishnavas. So let the Lord
Vrajendra Nandana keep alive him among his disciples and devotees for
more years so that he would keep the flow of Gaura Sarasvata Bhakti
Vinoda stream eternal. This is the sole prayer at the lotus feet of Sri Radha
Vrindavana Chandra and Sri Godruma Bihari. 

All glories, all glories to the crest jewel of Paramahamsa's Om
Vishnupad 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaj. All
glories, all glories to Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharvika Giridhari Radha Vinod
Bihari and their associates. 
( N.B: - Due to some difficulties the life history of Srila Maharaj has
not been published in detail. If the spiritual master and the Vaishnavas will
be graceful then we will be able to publish his elongated life history in a
large volume.)

Q: - When can a living entity live peacefully? 
A: - A living entity can not enjoy peace until he is under the fruits of
his past deeds. He is weak, inefficient and incomplete. So he can not attain
eternal peace until he surrenders himself to the lotus feet of the Lord. 
Q: - This material world is treacherous soil, so under these
circumstances what is the duty of a devotee? 
A: - Though the material world makes a living entity to enjoy
different kinds of sorrows, a devotee is not affected by such sorrows. So a
devotee should proceed in the path of devotion with enthusiasm and
Q: - What is the duty of the human society? What is the result of
following one's duty? 
A: - The sole duty of the human society is the congregational
chanting of the holy name of Lord Krishna. Sriman Mahaprabhu is the most
munificent incarnation as He has guided us to take the shelter of Sri
Krishna name or He has provoked us to chant the name of Krishna
incessantly. A living entity is empowered to relish the devotional mellows
of Sri Krishna by chanting His name which is not attainable even by the
Q: - Everyone in this world is selfish. What is your opinion on this
A: - It is natural that the people of this material world are engaged
themselves in their personal benefit. But we are eager to gain the
devotion at the lotus feet of the Lord. We are fully selfish because the only
object of our worship is to please Lord Krishna and we think we are the
servitors of Krishna. 
Q: - In which way an intelligent person would utilise his selfishness? A: - We have no any other desire except serving the Lord Krishna
and our spiritual master. Thinking in this line one should utilise his
intelligence for serving both the above persons. 
Q: - Can a living entity do any beneficial work for himself? 
A: - A living entity can not attain one's ultimate goal by reading
hundreds of scriptures and engaging himself in singing, worshipping, etc.
according to his personal will and pleasure. 
Q: - Can a living entity become Brahma? 
A: - It is not possible to get curd out of water. Similarly, a living
entity can not become Brahma. The living entity has some similar qualities
like the Supreme Lord and so he is endowed with the power to serve the
Lord. As God is above all the living entities and demigods, it is not possible
on the part of a living entity to occupy His position. 
Q: - Everyone says that one should marry to have a son. What is the
significance of this proverb? 
A: - A son delivers his parents from the hell named 'Pun' and so he is
called a son. A son who does not serve the Lord and engages himself in
other deeds, according to scriptures he is an unwanted son. It is just like
doing enviousness to the living entity by giving birth to such a son. The
son who serves the Lord and the father who makes his son serve the Lord,
such type of parental relation with the son is beneficial for their clan. 
Q: - Can a person be benefited by denouncing or praising others
A: - It is never so. The benefit of the soul can not be attained by
denouncing or praising others character. Moreover it is better to discuss
over personal loopholes than discussing over others faults. To control the
mind is one type of yoga. The discussion over others character means
discussion over the deeds of a person who is not in a position to serve the
Lord. So it is not beneficial for the soul. But the word 'Para' means the
Lord. So by discussing over the Lord's pastimes, names, etc. we can be
benefited in a true sense. 
Q: - What should we do at every moment? 
A: - It is always required to discuss relating to our resort, then we
can free ourselves from material entanglement. When a devotee gets
devotion towards the Lord, he always discusses over the names and deeds
of Hari and this helps him in attaining the summum bonum of life. 
Q: - How many kinds of Vaishnavas are there and how would we
identify them? A: - There are three kinds of Vaishnavas like neophytes, middle order
Vaishnavas and superior Vaishnavas i.e. who are engaged in the service of
the Lord after attaining perfection. A Vaishnava's position is considered
according to his attachment for chanting the Lord's name. The neophytes
have interest to worship the Lord but they do not have the knowledge
about Krishna, His devotees and His self-soul. They are like Vaishnavas.
The middle-order Vaishnavas have inward mentality and they serve the
enlightened devotees attentively. The Superior Vaishnavas are impartial to
the living entities and they have no discrimination over the name and His
Q: - To which kind of reality Sri Jagannath, Sri Balarama and Sri
Subhadra Devi belong? 
A: - Sri Jagannath is the symbol of the Lord having the form of the
Lord with eyes and hands. The meaning of this is that the Lord sees
everything, knows everything and creates everything. Balarama is the
potency of the Lord who has the capacity to create living entities. Mother
Subhadra is the illusory potency of the Lord and Sudarsana represents His
will power. 
Q: - Why Brahma and Siva are called the demigods? 
A: - Brahma and Siva belong to the differential potency of the Lord.
So they are considered as demigods. 
Q: - Which method is the better one to enter into the transcendental
A: - There is no other way except congregational chanting to enter
into the transcendental world for the living entity. 
Q: - How can one attain the highest qualification to enter into the
spiritual life? 
A: - The association with sadhus bestows a living entity to enter into
the spiritual life. 
Q: -What is the result of association with good persons and bad
A: - A living entity attains love for Krishna by the association with
Saints but by the association with unholy people men become like beasts
and can not discriminate between good and bad. The association with the
unholy persons deviates one's mind from serving Lord and the real duty of
a person. 
Q: - It is said that one should give up imitation and should follow the
path of good persons, what is the difference between the two? A: - It is seen that people act like Narada in a drama. But it is quite
different from following the devotional path shown by Narada. When one
imitates others, he is devoid of benefiting himself but by following the
devotional path of saints one attains devotion to the Lord. 
Q: - What is the difference between muttering and chanting the
Lord's name? 
A: - Utterance of an incantation with a murmuring voice without the
movement of the lips is called mutter. But when one chants with the
movement of his lips is called kirtan. Kirtan is more beneficial than
muttering. Utterance of the Lord's name, quality and pastimes with a loud
voice is called chanting. 
Q: - What is the first hand information about Krishna and what is the
significance of Krishna's name? 
A: - The first hand information about Krishna is His holy name. The
name of Krishna has the attractive power and it is the most powerful
reality in itself. One should chant Krishna's name for attaining Krishna
Himself . 
Q: - It has been told that five types of accomplishments are there to
attain success in devotional path. Are they not self-sufficient? 
A: - Leaving chanting of Lord's name, no accomplishment is
complete in its nature. That means leaving chanting, dwelling in Mathura,
association with saints are imperfect. Chanting of the Lord's name gives us
the fruit of dwelling in Mathura, association with saints, worship of deities
and reading Bhagavata. 
Q: - It is known that the chanting of the Lord's name is the means as
well as the end. How far is it true? 
A: - Lord's grace is the only way to attain accomplishment. Any other
kind of deed or knowledge is not counted as the chief accomplishment.
The name of the Lord and His person are non-different. So the attainment
of one's objective is itself the attainment of the Lord as the Lord Himself is
in the form of His name. 
Q: - Why people treat the pastimes of Krishna as the deeds of an
ordinary person? 
A: - The character of Sri Krishna is clear and devoid of misconduct as
seen in his meditation by Vyasadeva. The historical characters are
entangled with material existences but the pastimes of Krishna are not
considered so. The pastimes of Sri Krishna have no relationship with a
country's time, place and person or it is not related with any kind of
material happiness. Q: - Many people think ill of Krishna as He has stolen the clothes of
the Gopis. What is the significance of this pastime? 
A: -Those who want to serve the Lord have nothing to conceal before
the Lord. In order to teach this to his devotees the Lord enacted this
Q: - How Sri Radha and Krishna are related to each other? 
A: - The persons who have accepted the doctrine of Sriman
Mahaprabhu know that the conjugal love for Sri Krishna is the greatest
serving attitude. The persons who are the followers of Srimati Radharani
can taste this mellow. Sri Krishna is the truth in reality and Srimati
Radharani is His eternal consort. Sri Radha and Krishna are one and the
same and they glorify the mellows of Their service. They appear in two
forms. They are like the two sides of the same coin. 
Q: - What is the difference between Goloka and Gokula? 
A: - There is no difference between Goloka and Gokula. The eternal
abode of the Lord is called Goloka and when it comes down to this
material world is called Gokula, as the mark of Sri Krishna's sporting place.
Q: - Is it possible to see the manifested Dhama with our material
A: - One should have transcendental eyes to see a Dhama in its real
form. Those who receive transcendental vision by the grace of the Lord,
are eligible to see the transcendental abode of the Lord. 
Q: - Why is it required to take shelter under the lotus feet of Sriman
A: - The propagator of the congregational chanting of Sri Krishna's
name is Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He enlightens in their hearts and
encourages them with Krishna Prema. They gain devotion for the Lord with
the help of Sri Krishna sankirtan and taste the mellows of conjugal love. So
it is the foremost duty of a living entity to take shelter under the lotus feet
of Sri Chaitanya. Again one should take shelter of the staunch followers of
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu like Sri Svarupa Damodara, Rupa Goswami etc.
in order to get the grace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 
Q: -Why is it said that the incarnation of Gauranga Mahaprabhu is
A: - The significance of taking incarnation in this iron age is to
preach kirtan and distribute Krishna Prema among the living entities.
Though this incarnation has its own significance, it is secret to the ordinary
people. Q: - What will one attain by remembering the pastimes of Gaura and
Sri Krishna? 
A: - There are two compartments in the Vrindavan, which is above
this material universe. There exist the servitors who are generous. But
sweetness is the main character of this abode. In the place of Gauranga
generosity is main but there also live the persons who have taken shelter
of sweetness. At the time of accomplishment those who worship both
Krishna and Gaura, attain at the time of perfection spiritual bodies and
stay simultaneously in both the places. 
Q: - Who are the disciples of this iron age? 
A: - To worship Gauranga with the incantation of Krishna and worship
Lord Krishna with the incantation of Gaura is the one and the same. Those
who consider them to be different are called the disciples of this iron age. 
Q: - Who worships Gauranga and who worships Sri Krishna? 
A: - When a living entity is not free from material entanglement he
worships Gaurasundara and when he is freed from material attachment,
Sri Krishna becomes his worshipable Lord. 
Q: - The religion of this Kali Yuga is congregational chanting of Lord's
name. But why do you engage your devotees in constructing temples and
A: - Everyone has not that qualification which is required to chant
the sacred name of the Lord. So they are asked to construct buildings to
create serving attitude towards the Lord. At the grace of the Lord one
becomes the servitor of the Lord and the transcendental name of the Lord
dances on his tongue. 
Q: - How can we be freed from sense gratification? 
A: - By the grace of the Spiritual Master when the transcendental
name of the Lord purifies our ears we are freed from sense gratification
Q: - When can a living entity be freed from material attachment? 
A: - When we engage ourselves in chanting the name of Hari
thinking ourselves to be Karmis, we attain religion, name and fulfilment of
our desires. Then we do offence at the transcendental name. So we get
only material benefit. When we chant the name of Hari having no ambition
for salvation, we are freed from material entanglement. 
Q: - What are the favourable situations for chanting the name of the
Lord? A: - At first we shall be freed from enviousness to the Vaishnavas
because it causes misfortune in this material world as well as in the
transcendental world. This material world is the testing place. We find here
only sorrow. Tolerance, feeling insignificant and praising others are helpful
for chanting the Lord's name. 
Q: - How can we make this material body favourable towards
A: - One should not try to do any thing against the will of Lord
Krishna. If one serves the Lord he feels comfort with his body, mind and
soul. If one keeps oneself away from the service of the Lord it stands
against him in doing service to the Lord. 
Q: - Are the names uttered by us transcendental? 
A: - It is not possible to utter the transcendental name of the Lord
with His form, attributes and pastimes with the help of our natural eyes,
ears and tongues. With serving attitude of the senses the Omnipotent Lord
manifests Himself before us. 
Q: - What is the result of chanting offensive name? 
A: - By chanting offensive name we shall be dragged towards hell.
This stands against utterance of transcendental name. 
Q: - How can we be freed from mental speculation? 
A: - After hearing the scriptures one can be freed from mental
speculation. After hearing the scriptures all kinds of mental speculations
against the scriptures are removed. 
Q: - When does one attain the wealth of transcendental name? 
A: - The Lord and His devotees manifest in this material world for
distributing the wealth of Vaikuntha. Vaishnavas are transcendental in
nature. They know the temporal existence of this material world and that's
why they inform us about the transcendental matter. 
Q: - While chanting the Lord's name mundane thoughts come to our
mind. So this chanting becomes valueless. Then how can we be freed from
its clutches? 
A: - It is not wise to leave chanting of the Lord's name, thinking that
the material thoughts come to our mind while chanting the transcendental
name. Gradually by accepting the transcendental name these unnecessary
thoughts vanish and the transcendental name will arise as a Sun with its
Q: - What is the system of serving the Lord? A: - Sri Krishna Dasa Kaviraja Goswami has taught to worship one's
Spiritual master at the beginning, then Sri Gauranga and at the end
Gandharvika Giridhari. 
Q: -To which thing one should be conscious while chanting the Lord's
A: - If one chants the Lord's name Krishna in a clear heart, the
senses don't go away from the Lord's transcendental form, attributes and
pastimes. One should have keen interest for the unbreakable
manifestation of the Lord's form, attributes and pastimes. 
Q: - Why is the human form considered as the most valuable form? 
A: - Human form is the most valuable form because it is attained as
a result of congregation of good deeds in different births. This is attained
by travelling through 80 Lakhs of births. It has been said in the 11th canto
2nd chapter and 29th verse of Srimad Bhagavatam that this temporary
human form is very much valuable form which is attained after the
accumulation of good deeds in different births. Due to ignorance animals
and birds don't have the knowledge to serve the Lord. They don't have
sacrificing mentality. This human form is suitable for serving the Lord. So
the human form is considered as the most valuable form. 
Q: - Is there any remedy for death? How can one conquer it? 
A: - Yes, one can overcome death. But atheists can not overcome
death. They can never escape from the hands of death. Only the devotees
of Krishna can overcome death, like Bhisma who accepted death at his
own will. One can overcome death by taking shelter under the lotus feet of
the Lord Krishna. Lord has told in Bhagavata in the 2nd canto 3rd chapter
17th verse that the sunrise and sunset destroys man's life span, if they are
not utilised for discussing the Lord's pastimes. Those who spent their time
in discussing Lord's pastimes, are not under the control of death. Lord Sri
Krishna has also told to Arjuna in Srimad Bhagavata Gita 9th chapter 31st
verse, "O Arjuna, O, the son of Kunti, I declare it properly that my devotee
is never destroyed. I will protect him." 
 Q: - Then what should a person do at the time of death? 
A: - When a person is at the doorstep of death he should take
complete shelter of Krishna, His name, attributes, form and pastimes
should be remembered. He should associate with saints and should hear
and chant Hari. Once Khatvanga Maharaj had a life span of only a
moment. Knowing this he took complete shelter under the lotus feet of the
Lord and then he went to the transcendental abode of Lord Hari. It is said
in Vishnu Smriti by the Lord, "O Sadasiva, O Mahadeva, I promise, My
name 'Krishna' is very secret. What can I say more about it as it protects
one from death." So always remember the name of Krishna. Q: - What is called the doctrine of Bhagavata? Let me tell this
A: -The Lord Shyamasundar has expressed the easiest method to
attain Him. To offer Lord Sri Krishna all the deeds done either due to
enforcement of one's nature or fate with mind, speech, sense organs,
intelligence or heart is called the doctrine of Bhagavat. 
Q: - What do people feel when Mahaprabhu manifested Himself in
A: - When Mahaprabhu appeared in this world at Navadvipa, the
fallen souls, fools, Muslims and illiterate people felt happy and the people
of the world chanted the name of Hari and received Krishna Prema which
is even unattainable by Brahma. 
Q: - Can the remnants of Lord Jagannath be compared with the
ordinary food? 
A: - Not at all, the remnants of the Lord, the name of Krishna are
transcendental in nature as per devotees of the Lord. So the
transcendental objects are not related with the local time, place and
Q: - Does the pastimes of the Lord like killing of demons occur in the
transcendental abode of the Lord which is above this world? 
A: - Goloka is eternally transcendental abode of the Lord. There is no
place for illusion. There, the servitors of the Lord enjoy the mellows of
conjugal love by thinking themselves as the servitors of the Lord. 
Q: - Are Brahma, the Super Soul and the Lord different reality and
why Sri Krishna has more importance? 
A: - Though they are same in nature, one realises the reality as per
his accomplishment and one thinks that to be the most desirable thing.
Krishna is the embodiment and one thinks that to be the transcendental
form, the Super Soul and Brahma. 
Q: - What quality should one possess to enter into the abode of the
Lord and how can it be attained? 
A: - In order to enter into the Lord's abode or to attain His name one
has to acquire four attributes- 1) One should think himself to be as
insignificant as a blade of grass, 2) He should be tolerant more than a tree,
3) He should give up the desire of name and fame, and 4) He should be
compassionate towards the living entities. These four qualities are
required to chant Hari Nama. There is no other way except the possession
of these attributes. Q: - Does the Lord is served by serving His deity? 
A: - There is no difference between the service of the deity and the
Lord. He manifests Himself in the worshipable form. We know that the
writers of the scriptures declare that His name, form and God are nondifferent things. He who has no devotion, says the deity is an idol. One
who knows the method of creating electricity with the help of a wire, can
say that the wire itself is the current. But the person having no knowledge
about it will say it is a wire. Similarly a material thing becomes
Q: - What is the object of a devotee? 
A: - A devotee wants to give satisfaction to the Lord. He chants the
holy name of the Lord with a serving attitude. He has no other ambition. 
Q: -What quality should we possess to serve the Lord? 
Q: - The things that are favourable in the line of serving the Lord are
tolerance, feeling insignificant and praising others. Unless one has
tolerance, one can not have strong faith in the Lord. Tolerance is the
ornament of a Vaishnava. One can not praise another person unless one
feels oneself to be inferior. So these are the attributes helpful in the line of
serving the Lord. 
Q: - Why shall we call a Mahabhagavata to be the Universal spiritual
A: - Mahabhagavata sees all the living entities as his spiritual
master. This great attribute makes him great and gives him the fame of
Universal spiritual master. 
Q: - Maharaj! Everybody has emanated from the Lord. Then why
should articles be offered to Him and what significance has it? 
A: - This is a good question. The persons who like arguments think
that existence of God is not at all required. So it is not required to offer
food to Him. They think that the things created by the Lord when offered
to Him, make one think the Lord's godly qualities to be transformed into
mere human qualities. They argue against the requirement of prayer,
meditation and eulogy for the benefit of our souls. All the work should be
directed for pleasing the Lord and, there should not be any thought of
personal benefit. The love for the Lord shows that the beautiful Lord sits
before us and enjoys Himself as a father feels arranging food for his
children. Similarly God has arranged food for us. For the pleasure of the
father the children collected food and offered to their father as a mark of
love to obtain blessings. Father lovingly blesses them and returns them all
the food articles and says, "O my dear children, these are for you. You
offer me as a symbol of love for me. But I don't require anything. Iaccepted a little of your offering which is nothing but the unalloyed love
and selfless affection." When we accept Mahaprasad we become happy. 
Q: - Are the attainment of service of Lord Sri Krishna and realisation
of Him equally significant? 
A: - A living entity is the servitor of Lord Krishna by nature. By
chanting the transcendental name of Lord Krishna one attains eligibility to
serve Lord Krishna, who is a Cupid. When one is interested with a
particular type of service, His real form and realising His real form are
equally important. 
Q: - When a living entity is entitled to utter the transcendental name
of the Lord? 
A: - When one is mentally prepared to serve the Lord for His
happiness, then the transcendental name would dance on his tongue
Q: - What is the duty of a man, whose birth is temporary? 
A: - An intelligent person engages his energy fully in the service of
the Lord without wasting a moment insignificantly because he knows very
well that his life span is very short. 
Q: - What should a devotee do being effected by grief? 
A: - One should tolerate it knowing that it has been created by the
grace of God. There is no other way to overcome it, other than waiting for
the receipt of Lord's grace. 
Q: - Maharaja! What is the aim of begging alms from door to door? 
A: - This begging system is for the benefit of pure devotees, but the
religious hypocrites misutilise this system to fulfil their belly. 
Q: - What is the most beneficial pity for the living being? 
A: - The preach of devotional path is the most ideal benevolence for
the living entities, it keeps away from sinful activities and drags them to
the Lord. 
Q: - Why does a living being disbelieve in the existence of the Lord? 
A: - Atheists learn to argue irrelevantly due to their association with
bad persons from their childhood and being effected by this, he does not
believe God's existence. He harms himself and there is no loss to the God. 
Q: - Though a living being is an eternal servitor of the Lord, why does
he disbelieve in Him? A: - Those who don't have transcendental eyes can't see the Lord,
and so they think that God does not exist. As the blind can't see the light
of the Sun, so also an atheist doesn't have belief in God. 
Q: - Who can not be termed as a human being? 
A: - What is the world? Who am I? Who has created this world? What
is my duty? Those don't have ideas over these things can't be termed as
human beings. 
A: - What are the five states of a living entity? 
A: - A fallen soul has five states like conceived consciousness,
contracted consciousness, blossomed consciousness, flourished
consciousness and perfect consciousness. 
Q: - What is called birth? 
A: - When a fallen soul's astral body is covered with its material body
according to the fruit of his action is called the birth of a living entity. 
Q: - What is called death? 
A: - When the material body of a living being is detached from its
astral body is called death. 
Q: - What is called egoism? How long does it stay with a living being?
A: - As long as the astral body is not destroyed the living entity feels
egoism in contact with the material body. 
Q: - In which body does a living entity enjoy the material things and
what is the effect over him? 
A: - The cause of one's willingness to enjoy the world is due to the
existence of astral body encircled with aspirations. The astral body is the
cause of a living being's happiness, sorrow, fear and unhappiness. That's
why a living being is entangled with this material world. 
Q: - Which body favours the living being to serve the Lord? 
A: - A living being cannot serve the lord until he has an astral body
along with the material body. When one realises his own self by pure
devotion, the serving attitude of the soul is aroused and he gets the right
to relish the ecstatic bliss related to the service of Lord Krishna. 
Q: - By whom a living being is effected and can’t know himself? A: - The knowledge of a living being is captivated by the Lord's
illusory potency. His outward knowledge is effected by that prime natures
of a living being. So he can’t think himself to be devoid of prime natures. 
Q: - Who feels sorrow due to birth and death? 
A: - A person who saves more than his requirement is called a thief,
he always enjoys the sorrow due to death and birth 
Q: - What is an absolute knowledge? 
A: - To know one's object of worship and real self form is called
absolute knowledge. 
Q: - How can we know that we are endowed with devotion? 
A: - It is possible to be related with God by devotion. Devotion is the
only way to gain the service of the Lord. When our transcendental eyes
are cleared with devotion we are able to know the God in His real form.
The God manifests Himself in the Heart of a pure devotee. 
Q: - What happens when a living being comes to the state of
contemplation and state of loving attitude to the Lord? 
A: - In the State of contemplation one attracts the Lord Krishna with
his associates but in the loving state one relishes the devotion to the Lord
sporting with His associates. 
Q: - What in devotion? Please explain it graciously? 
A: - The state of mind which thinks over Krishna in a conducive way
being devoid of jnana, karma and yoga is called unalloyed devotion.
Devotion is internal in nature. It is not a thing to show outwardly. 
Q: - Can a living being serve the Lord without the grace of his resort
A: - It can’t be so. One's spiritual master is the resort deity and his
disciples belong to the resort class of servitors or the dust particles of the
resort deity. When one realises this he can serve the Lord. When one
serves His spiritual master properly he attains the service or Lord by his
grace. It is not possible to get the service of Lord through personal
Q: - Let me know the difference between knowledge and devotion? 
A: - One can remove the forgetting attitude to the Lord by devotion.
Knowledge roots out the virtue and vice arising out of one's pursuits. But
devotion destroys the seed of pursuits causing virtue and vice and alsodestroys completely the main root of ignorance. Devotion destroys the
sinful fruits of past deeds and present deeds. 
Q: - Why is the mind entangled with sorrow and happiness? 
A: - As long as the mind is under the control of primal quality of birth
and goodness second basic quality of a human being and ignorance, it
remains being absorbed in sense gratification with its senses of knowledge
and senses related to actions. 
Q: - What is the real form of a soul? 
A: - All the things in the transcendental world have emanated from
the Sandhini potency of the Lord. Knowledge and will power has emanated
from Sandhini potency and chit potency is the cause of bliss. The
embodiment of these three potencies is the real form of the Jiva Soul. 
Q: - What is the significance of the Lord? 
A: - The Cit potency, Samvit potency and Hladini potency are
minutely present with a living being, whereas they are in complete form
with the Lord. There lies the significance of the Lord . 
Q: - What is the difference between the mind and soul? 
A: - The soul never tries for sense gratification whereas the mind is
engaged in sense gratification. This is the difference between the two.

1. A living being attains devotion to the Lord as a result of
congregational chanting of the Lord's name. He relishes the devotional
mellow. So one should take shelter under the lotus feet of the Lord Sri
Chaitanya Deva. It is concluded that one gets the grace of the Lord by
loving the followers of Chaitanya Dev like Svarup and Rupa. 
2. A living entity is an eternal servant of Lord Krishna. One realises
his own self by chanting the transcendental name of Lord Krishna which is
a service of Lord Krishna, the Cupid. 
3. Encouragement and perseverance are the two main qualities of a
devotee. The material world can’t give displeasure to a true devotee. 
4. One should chant the name of the Lord Krishna in a clear heart.
One should be attentive not to allow the detachment of his senses from
meditation on Lord's form, attributes and pastimes. 
5. I am completely selfish because my object of worship is Krishna
and I belong to Krishna. I have no love for any other thing unrelated to
6. We have no aim other than serving the spiritual master as well as
Lord Krishna. An intelligent person should guide his intelligence to acquire
7. The human society has one duty that is to chant congregationally
the name of Lord Krishna. This is the most munificent quality of Sriman
Mahaprabhu, because a living being attains Krishna Prema which is not
attainable by the demigods. 
8. Association with the saints endows one with the capacity to lead a
spiritual life. 


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